Welcome to Endurance Base Camp, the gathering place of athletes who want to improve their health, increase their fitness and reach peak performance.

Brighton Trail - Lexington, Kentucky

We are passionate about testing our ability to endure. As a group of coaches and athletes, this often means testing ourselves through endurance events such as running, triathlon and cycling competitions. We believe in the value of using the training process, endurance lifestyle and the community and network that participates in these events to further our personal development.

Our philosophy focuses on health, fitness and performance. We strive to be healthy in all aspects of our lives, we challenge ourselves physically to become more fit and we are willing to stretch our comfort zones and take risks to have peak performances within competition.

Why you want to be here at our base camp.

The best way to learn about your own resiliency is to become a participant. Experience is the best teacher available to us. Our mission is to be your guides along the way, helping you navigate your personal journey of self discovery and achievement in the endurance sports world.

We provide knowledge, tools and support. You bring the motivation and effort. We want to watch as you journey from base camp, to your own personal summit.

Gain confidence in your training and reach your performance goals.

You will benefit from the experiences, successes and mistakes that others have made in training and racing. While your own experiences will help you learn along the way, the information and tools we provide help you become as prepared as possible, to quicken your journey to success.

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