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Are you not a team member?

At Endurance Base Camp we help individuals pursue a life of health, fitness and performance. The value we bring to those on the endurance journey is by providing the tools and guidance necessary to reach their own personal goals.

As a group of coaches, runners and triathletes – we support each other as we gather at base camp – awaiting our own personal summit attempts.

How to join our team

You can join in one of two ways:

Join John’s Training Group, which is a group of runners looking to improve their own running experience. We have runners in all phases of their journey and ability levels. The spring 2014 group is currently off to a great start, you can sign up on the waiting list for the fall 2014 season. It will start in July, 2014.


You can also join our team by working with one of our run or triathlon coaches privately through one to one coaching. Spaces for these coaching slots are limited and we make sure that the coach and athlete relationship is a good fit prior to starting the journey together. For this reason, we ask that you contact us with your stated goals and experience. We will schedule a time to meet in person or via phone to discuss the opportunity. We look forward to your interest.