Personal Run Data: End of August 2012 update

I don’t like making excuses, either something happens or it does not happen.  August presented many opportunities for a choice, in which I chose to say “screw it” for whatever reason I had that day.

Aug-2012: Time:17:46:18, Miles:129.26, TSS:1297, Zeros: 9
Jul-2012: Time:20:58:47, Miles:141.83, TSS:1427, Zeros: 7
Jun-2012: Time:18:56:36, Miles:145.01, TSS:1551, Zeros: 5
May-2012: Time:21:41:09, Miles:164.03, TSS:1665, Zeros: 4
Apr-2012: Time:20:10:16, Miles:137.57, TSS:1517, Zeros: 8

To give myself some accountability for September, I’ve decided to use RunKeeper to log each run for the month. I figure if I publicly log my runs, maybe I won’t make the “screw it” decision. We will see.

Runkeeper profile:

The great thing to report about this month is that my daily activity is much higher and less sedentary after implementing the treadmill desk on a regular basis:

July 2012 Step Activity

August 2012 Step Activity

It might be difficult to tell from the images, but one thing to notice is that scale on the y-axis has went from 5k to 10k. While running training stress is down, my overall activity is up. That is something to be very positive about for the long term.

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