10 ideas that I am taking home, after 4 days of learning with TrainingPeaks

The past four days, I was able to attend two different trainings hosted by TrainingPeaks. The first two days was TrainingPeaks University, which was a small group of coaches that gathered to learn about using the TrainingPeaks software to efficiently and effectively train endurance athletes. The following two days, I was able to attend the […]

Personal Run Data: End of August 2012 update

I don’t like making excuses, either something happens or it does not happen.  August presented many opportunities for a choice, in which I chose to say “screw it” for whatever reason I had that day. Aug-2012: Time:17:46:18, Miles:129.26, TSS:1297, Zeros: 9 Jul-2012: Time:20:58:47, Miles:141.83, TSS:1427, Zeros: 7 Jun-2012: Time:18:56:36, Miles:145.01, TSS:1551, Zeros: 5 May-2012: Time:21:41:09, […]

Building my Treadmill Desk

I have been getting some requests to discuss how I to put together my treadmill desk and how I am using it. My main objective is to share how it changes the total activity level of my days. It’s interesting to find out that people assume that my days are naturally “active”, when the truth […]

Data, Data, Running, Ragnar, Retrofit & Me

Data: First of all here is the data for the first full three months of my “return” to training (start date was 3/26/12). Jun-2012: Time:18:56:36, Miles:145.01, TSS:1551, Zeros: 5 May-2012: Time:21:41:09, Miles:164.03, TSS:1665, Zeros: 4 Apr-2012: Time:20:10:16, Miles:137.57, TSS:1517, Zeros: 8 The zeros in June bother me the most about the data. One day was […]

Hip Movement, Stretching and Core Strength

The ability to have good hip extension is important in obtaining an efficient running gait. There is a good discussion of this topic on Steve Magness’s Science of Running blog. The problem that I often see in the age group running community is that their daily activities include: A – sitting at the computer B […]

When did running fast become uncool?

I’ve done crazy things for the experience too!   This past weekend I was able to work at the Flying Pig Marathon Expo for 7 hours. These expos are an interesting place to witness human behavior with all the different scenarios: 1. The anxious runner who is roaming to find something to buy that could […]

How to recover from a Marathon, When to run again?

The group trying to recover at the TTT Triathlon

As runners we are great at designing programs that help us build up to the marathon, peak our fitness for race day and then finish a race. What we are not as proficient about is the training and recovery program after a race. I would like to share with you some common observations that I […]